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70mai Jump Starter


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70mai Jump Starter

  • Get Power All the Way
  • Real 11,100mAh Power Bank
  • Safe & Smart Design
  • Easy to Operate
  • Adaptable to Most Vehicles
  • Support Electronics Charging

      12 MONTHS Warranty

ANKER ROAV Jump Starter

  • Jump Starts Cars with up to 2.8L Engines
  • Portable Charger Power Bank
  • Advanced Safety Protection and Built-In LED Flashlight

      12 MONTHS Warranty

Anker ROAV Jump Starter Pro

  • JUMP LARGER ENGINES: Start gas engines up to 6.0L or diesel engines up to 3.0L up to 15 times on a single charge.
  • BATTERY MONITOR: Clamp to your battery without plugging in to the jump starter to get an instant readout of your car’s battery status.
  • THE LIFESAVER: Light up the night with the high-intensity LED lamp, charge your phone with two high-speed USB ports, and find your way with the built-in compass.
  • SUPERIOR SAFETY: Premium materials and preventative measures to protect you from reversed connections, backflushing, low voltage, and overheating ensure your safety.

12 Months Warranty 

Baseus Energy Source Inflator Pump

  • Check tire pressure while inflating to prevent excessive tire pressure
  • Tire pressure can be set according to requirements, and inflation can be automatically stopped when tire pressure reaches preset levels
  • Comes with 2400mAh battery, no need to connect another charging cable when charging
  • With LED light, bright lighting for nighttime inflating
  • All metal construction, better texture, durable in use
  • Suitable for cars, bicycles, electric cars, basketballs, etc.


Baseus Starlit Night Magnetic Car Emergency Light

  • Size: 64*135mm
  • Input: 5V/1A
  • Battery capacity: 500mAh
  • Charging interface: Type-C
  • Lightweight and convenient
  • Wireless V4.2 for stable signals and smooth connection within 10 meters.
  • Lighting modes: lighting, warm light, SOS light, colorful ambient light

6 Months Warranty

Baseus Dynamic Eye Inflator Pump

  • Compact
  • Multi-purpose
  • Wireless Inflation
  • Monitor Tire Pressure through Digital Display
  • Preset tire pressure, stop when full
  • Integrated Storage

6 Months Warranty

Baseus Fire-fighting Hero Car | Home Fire Extinguisher

  • Environmental protection, No harm to health
  • 2 meters range to prevent secondary re-ignition
  • Smart and elegant appearance, not occupying space, with a fixed frame, easy to fix in the reserve compartment or any convenient location
  • Mini size design with hook is portable and easy to carry
  • It’s ideal for protecting your car, home from fire danger.

Baseus Intelligent T3 Rechargeable Anti-lost Tracker

  • Rechargeable Design
  • 80 Meters of Precise Positioning
  • Bi-directional Reminder
  • Sound Effect Options
  • Mini and Compact

6 Months Warranty

BASEUS Reboost Jump Starter

  • The car jump starter with 1600A peak value solves the problem that a car cannot be ignited normally due to the lack of battery power for a long time or the low temperature in winter
  • Four-port output
  • It has four-port outputs of USB, Type-C, DC and AC, suitable for car emergency jump start and charging laptops, phones, drones and ventilators
  • 65W input power for fast charging
  • It can be fully charged in an hour and a half
  • 16000mAh polymer lithium battery
  • Large-capacity polymer lithium battery can meet the needs of outdoor camping, power outages and other emergency situations
  • Multi-mode emergency lighting

6 Months Warranty

Baseus Super Energy Car Jump Starter

  • Emergency Ignition Start-up of Automobiles
  • Universal for Diesel and Gasoline Vehicles
  • Safe Cell, Safe under Low Temperature
  • Multiple Protection, Safe for Use
  • Multi-mode, Emergency Lighting
  • Creative Design, Automobile Modeling
  • Supply Power for Electronic Products (Can be used as an Powerbank)
  • Multifunctional Protective Ignition Clip

6 Months Warranty


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