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Baseus Dual Use Microfiber Car Mop


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  • Highly absorbent microfiber bristles
  • Retractable handle -45cm pole, 60cm after extending
  • Polyester Chenille Lint-free
  • Curved surface design
  • Velcro detachable mop pad
  • 180° Rotation
  • Ergonomic handle


Sold out!

The perfect dual-use mop for achieving that premium glossy shine without the premium cost

Great for scrubbing large surface areas in a matter of seconds and creating a rich lather for a deep clean

The microfiber mop absorbs water fast, ensuring a stainless finish and sparkling clean

The handy Car and Home Dual-use Mop that is neat and compact, fitting right into the boot of your car.

Featuring soft and absorbent microfiber bristles for wet and dry use, you can achieve that beautiful shine without paying a penny!

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