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Baseus Track Series Switch Storage Bag


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  • Capacious, waterproof and made of high quality materials
  • Expandable
  • Store not only Switches, but also the whole set of accessories and up to 12 cartridges
  • Easily fit the Nintendo console, controllers, cabling, docking station
  • Compatibility full series of switch
  • Color – Dark Grey


Sold out!

The lightweight bag for Nintendo Switch will allow you to comfortably carry your console wherever you want.

Roomy, waterproof, and made from premium materials, it provides a convenient and safe way to store and transport your devices

You can store not only the Switch, but also the entire set of accessories and up to 12 cartridges – with Baseus you can enjoy your favorite games almost anywhere

The Baseus bag gives you the opportunity to increase its capacity.

You just have to unlock the lock and you already have a lot more space at your disposal! With a standard layout you can fit a console and some accessories into the bag – this practical and lightweight solution will work perfectly every day.

The increased capacity allows you to store the Switch, docking station and all the accessories you have – carry them when you go on vacation or offer entertainment to meet yourself and your friends.

You will no longer wonder what to take with you on your trip: Baseus will allow you to take everyone.

In the Baseus bag you can easily fit the Nintendo console, controllers, cables, docking station and up to 12 cartridges

That way you can always have your unique game library and console ready to launch!

Whether it’s a long train ride, a vacation or a few days’ vacation, no matter what the situation, you never have to part with your favorite titles.

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